Redis Monthly Live with Davies Liu and Mikhail Volkov

Every month we host speakers from around the world and talk about everything Redis. This month we have two speakers. Davies Liu will talk about JuiceFS, a high-performance POSIX file system that is specially optimized for the cloud-native environment, and uses Redis as it's metastore. And we have Mikhail Volkov exploring some really cool RedisAI use cases with Redis plugins for Grafana.

About this event

How JuiceFS uses Redis as Metastore

JuiceFS is a distributed POSIX file system built on Redis and S3. It uses Redis to store all of its metadata. It relies on Redis transactions to guarantee atomicity and low latency.

Plugins Connect Grafana to Redis in New Ways

Redis plugins for Grafana let you connect Grafana to Redis to visualize more types of data in more ways than otherwise would be possible. They are, for example, the only direct way to stream and monitor Redis application data in real-time via a Grafana dashboard.

In addition to providing more functionality and making it easier to visualize Redis data directly in Grafana, the plugins let you achieve everything without having to switch between multiple applications or export data from one application to bring it into another. All this increased functionality comes with a more streamlined workflow.

In this session, Mikhail will demonstrate how to work with Redis plugins for Grafana using various Redis modules for interesting use cases. Those interesting use cases? Forecasting Stocks and Crypto prices and analyzing camera feeds, both using RedisAI with OpenCV.



Monday, Jul 19
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM (PDT)


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